Shoot Your Shot: 6 Tips for Posting Sneakers on Instagram


Whether it's to resell or simply to show off your new kicks, keep these 6 tips in mind for a high quality post that puts your sneakers in the best light (and gain some followers!)

1. It's more than just the shoes

If taking an 'on feet' photo, make sure your socks and pants game is on point. Baggy jeans can hide details in mid or high tops, and clashing socks can distract from the hero of the photo- your sneakers. Think classic white crew socks and fitted pants. 

2. Light is key, and nothing beats natural light

Find a location near a window, or if shooting outside, a cloudy day will help you avoid shadows. Photographers consistently recommend mid-morning and afternoon for having the best soft light. If you do want to take a nighttime pic, turn off your flash and perhaps find some bright streetlights for a dynamic image. 


3. Resist the filters

They tend to inaccurately represent the color and drain that 'fresh' look from photos. If you must, increase the brightness and contrast a touch using the editing features on Instagram, but don't overdo it!

4. Keep 'em tidy

It goes without saying, but messed up laces and a deflated toe box lacks appeal. Decide whether to tie the laces or tuck them in, keeping the style consistent on both sneakers. If it's an 'off-foot' shot, use a shoe tree or stuff with paper to create an enhanced shape.

5. Consider a complementary background

To make your kicks really 'pop' find a lighter background for a darker shoe and opt for a contrasting or darker background for a lighter shoe. Play around with color opposites to dial up the contrast, e.g. blue looks great against orange, yellow against purple, etc.

6. Play with angles

The quintessential angle to shoot sneakers is the side profile, taken at eye-level. The top of the shoe need not be visible, but the silhouette must be clear, so in most instances you will need to be on the ground. Top-down shots are great for low profile sneakers, and if there are particular features you want emphasize, such as the shoe tongue or heel you may want to experiment with angles that show these off, like below.

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