The Ultimate Sneakerhead Guide to Storing Your Sneakers

If you have discovered sneaker collecting, sooner or later you will find yourself running out of space to store your collection. In this post, we will suggest several solutions to avoid these space problems, how to present your shoes in an attractive way, and how to protect them for longevity. It is important to store your special pieces in such a way that they keep their value over time.

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Considerations when storing shoes

In general, you should avoid humidity, as humidity will cause the material of the shoes as well as the boxes to become moldy. You will no longer be able to wear the shoes and will suffer a complete loss of value. So storing the shoes in a humid basement is never a good idea.

Another big factor is time, i.e. how long you store your shoes. If your shoes have been in storage for a long time, you should always check on them from time to time to detect any problems early on. One problem with long storage can be that the sole becomes porous and starts to crumble, this is difficult to avoid with older shoes. It is recommended to load the shoes by wearing them more often so that the material is stressed.Shoe disintegration

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Exposure to sunlight over a long period of time can also be very damaging to your shoes, as it attacks and heats up the material, slowly destroying it. UV radiation also causes the unattractive effect of yellowing.

 In summary, your biggest enemies here are:

  • Moisture
  • Time
  • Heat
  • UV radiation

Now let's look at some common storage ideas and their problems.


Storage in original sneaker boxes

Original sneaker boxes

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One option, which is common among many sneakerheads, is the classic storage in the original sneaker boxes and then stacking them.

This can go well for a while, but sooner or later the boxes will start to dent and crack under the weight of the shoes and the boxes will suffer. This will also lead to the shoes in the boxes getting dented very quickly and generally getting pressure marks from lying in the boxes, which you will never get out again. A collector will never pay the usual market price for such a shoe because it has obvious flaws. Another problem here is the lack of ventilation difficulty in visualizing the condition on your shoes. Your favorite pairs can quickly falter or go moldy without you noticing.


Storing in Billy shelves

Ikea Billy shelves for sneakers

Photo: Everysize

A second alternative are the "Billy" bookshelves from Ikea. These are also perfect for putting the shoes in and creating a real sneaker wall.

This way your shoes are well presented, but this kind of storage has some disadvantages. Your sneakers are exposed to the environment at all times. They tend to get dusty. In addition, your shoes are constantly exposed to the sun and risk yellowing quickly. This happens especially with glue or light-colored materials.


Storage in Samla boxes

Ikea Samla boxes for sneaker storage

Photo: @diy.ikea.hacks

Many people store their shoes in Samla boxes from Ikea. These are not quite as practical as the two Iris boxes, as you can't reach all your shoes when they are stacked, because the boxes open upwards. However, these boxes are ideal for pairs that you don't want to wear every day. The biggest advantage of these boxes is that you can always look through them and see the optical condition.


Storage in The Container Store boxes

Container Store

Photo: The Container Store

The Container Store has long been a favorite amongst sneakerheads- for good reason. They were the first to come out with a drop-front access clear storage unit that was easy to stack. This made visualizing your shoes easy and made for an attractive display. However, the lack of ventilation holes and the doors easily cracking made way for larger and more advanced models from other manufacturers.


Storage in high-quality boxes from Pumps & Kicks

Pumps and Kicks Sneaker wall

Photo: @lunokickz

A really space-saving solution that also makes your collection look good are the Pumps & Kicks boxes. These boxes are perfect for creating an impressive wall of sneakers, but they also keep your shoes perfectly protected at all times. You can look at your favorite shoes at any time, see the optimal condition and know that they are perfectly protected from dust and other environmental influences. The biggest advantage of these shoe boxes is that they open to the front with a magnetized door, so you can stack them as high as you like and still access the shoes at any time. This type of enclosed storage is also the only one with ventilation holes, allowing your sneakers to breathe and avoid mold.



If you are in the market to store DS pairs, and you expect an increase in value, the right storage is one of the most important considerations for a sneakerhead. Therefore, we can only recommend that you invest in high-quality boxes, to ensure no rude awakenings in the years to come!


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